Butterfly releases for your wedding

Butterflies for your wedding
Whisper a wish to a Butterfly and let him fly, let him transport your wish to the great Spirit who hears and see´s all.
Our newest offer for your wedding "Butterfly releases" with on site assistant.
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Mayan Wedding

A Mayan wedding ceremony at a beach is a breathtakingly beautiful event that combines the natural beauty of the ocean with the rich traditions of the Mayan culture. 

With her keen eye for detail and her ability to blend in seamlessly with the celebration, Tati Biermas is able to create stunning images that truly capture the essence of the event.

The ceremony typically takes place on the sand, with the sound of the waves serving as a soothing backdrop. The shaman is adorned in traditional Mayan clothing, with intricate designs and vibrant colors that reflect the history and culture of their ancestors. 

The ceremony itself is filled with symbolism and ritual, with each step carefully choreographed to honor the ancient traditions of the Mayan people. 


From the exchange of vows to the sharing of a ceremonial drink, every aspect of the ceremony is imbued with meaning and significance. 

The result is a deeply moving and unforgettable experience that celebrates both love and culture in equal measure - captured by Tati Biermas, Cozoomel Photography