Butterfly releases for your wedding

Butterflies for your wedding
Whisper a wish to a Butterfly and let him fly, let him transport your wish to the great Spirit who hears and see´s all.
Our newest offer for your wedding "Butterfly releases" with on site assistant.
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Tatjana Biermas pictures of weddings at the SOL MELIA HOTEL in Cozumel, Mexico.
The hotel is north of town.
Please contact me for further information: tati at cozoomel.com

The Beach Wedding Location.Waiting for the bride.

  The dinner, reception and party location of the hotel.


HOTEL PALLADIUM on the Riviera Maya - close to Tulum

The Ceremony in the Church.

The Civil Ceremony at the beach in Tulum.

Dinner and Party Location of the hotel.

Cake cutting at the restaurant! Yummie!!

"Who is the next one to get married?"

Since Tatjana Biermas lives on Cozumel Island her
wedding photography service is available in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun
and all along the Riviera Maya in Mexico.


Tati loves to do it different....Wedding Photography in the streets of Cozumel


on Cozumel Islands "wild side"
Both locations are public beaches and great locations for portraits.

"...come and get me!"

Long empty beaches on the "wild" side.

Tati loves shooting here - as this place is pure nature.
It is usually windy and the ocean has big waves.


The all-inclusive ALLEGRO Cozumel Resort is a beachfront resort with a collection of thatched-roof cottages in tropical-style environment.

The resort is  located about 16km south of Cozumel Island town and offers an event space and direct beach access.


The management charges an extra fee for photographers to take pictures here.
Please check with your wedding planner to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Their pier makes for outstanding wedding pictures at sunset.


The beach NACHI COCOM  in Cozumel is a private beach club
of the Hotel Casa del Mar south of town. 
It has a pretty beach, one of the biggest Palapa restaurants and a pool.

The ceremony at the beach.


 ... the bride....enjoying the calm mirror like ocean.

Just married: Flight Attendant & Airplane Pilot 

The Palapa restaurant.


One of the few hotels in town with ocean view is the HOTEL COZUMEL RESORT.
They provide this gazebo for the ceremony for small wedding parties - but there is no sandy beach.

Romantic setting at night time.
For bigger wedding parties the Hotel Cozumel Resort provides a private aera on the beach:

just a short walk...on the "sandy isle"
The private dinner, reception and party aera of Hotel Cozumel Resort

It s a pretty All-Inklusive hotel close to downtown of Cozumel


both located north of town.

The portrait sessions at Club Cozumel Caribe are always special.
During the day this private beach club is crowded but it is the perfect
location for sunset pictures:

The rustic walls close to the beach give the Club Cozumel Caribe its special atmosphere.

 The shore at Club Cozumel Caribe (San Juan beach) has some interesting rock formation that make a beautiful backdrop for wedding and beach portraits.

Wedding ceremony at Hotel B


in the South of Cozumel Island.

This location requires an entrance fee per person,
but it has one of the nicest beaches of Cozumel located in
an Eco Park.

Ideal for a TRASH-THE-DRESS photo session.

...in the typical turquoise blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean.


another small beachclub south of town in Cozumel

Walking down the aisle
...and getting married right at the beach is
a fantastic experience.

Reception, Dinner & Party can be held at the open air palapa.

A perfect wedding day


is an expensive beach club south of town with a grassy area for the reception
and a beach site for your wedding ceremony.
This location used to be accessible for everyone but as of October 2013 the management
changed their rules and charge $100 US fee to have pictures taken at their facility.
This fee includes bottled water and the use of their bathrooms.

In case you decide to just spend some time there please be also aware of their
$50 US entrance fee for the public!
Location: reception area
and beach



this all-inclusive and exclusive hotel is located in town of Cozumel.

Getting ready!

Groom waiting in a room.

The wedding location at the Cozumel Palace.

On the balcony

Fireworks on the balcony of the honeymoon suite.

Bride Maids waiting area

The honeymoon suite of the Cozumel Palace Hotel. 

Catholic ceremonies in COZUMEL´S CHURCHES.San Miguel Church and  Corpus Cristi Church
Corpus Cristi church

Arial photo of Corpus Cristi Church in Cozumel

San Miguel church is located right in downtown of Cozumel. 1 bloc from the ocean:


 The groom waiting...
 San Miguel church of Cozumel, at night.

Reception & dinner  at  PENINSULA GRAND in Cozumel
- located north of town.

On the balcony of one of the condos at Peninsula Grand.
Ceremony, reception & dinner  at  PLANTAS Y JARDINES in Cozumel
- located east of town. On the transversal Street.

Cocktail, reception, dinner and party takes place in their huge palapa

Portrait session on the beach of the SABOR hotel in Cozumel
- located south of town, a 20min. drive by car.


is located in the northern hotel zone of Cozumel.
It is an all-inclusive hotel.

Destination wedding photography at the beach of Cozumel.

Ceremony and Cake Cutting

Nice sunsets at the rocky beach
at Residencias Reef in Cozumel.
Please contact Tati Biermas for detailed information.

Exclusive, private and away from the tourist zone beaches


The luxury condominiums in the background are available for honeymoon rentals

 Empty beaches & palmtrees

Exclusive & Private wedding photography

Feel free at your private beach!

at CASA GORDON in Cozumel.
Please contact Tati Biermas for detailed information.

 Casa Gordon is a luxury villa in the very south of the island Cozumel.

 Its privacy, white sandy beach and the torqouise ocean make for
the perfect setting of your dream wedding.

 We can even arrange life butterfly releases for this location - and for
any other lovcation on Cozumel Island and the Riviera Maya.

This property has everything you can imagine for your perfect destination wedding.